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Water Feature Construction and Services

We specialize in sales, consultation/design, installation/construction, restoration and maintenance for all types of water features from large to small, indoor or outdoor, commercial and residential projects, including but not limited to:

  • Splash Pads and Interactive Fountains for Kids and Pets
  • Architectural and structural fountains
  • Koi, game fish, farm, and back yard gold fish ponds
  • Natural looking waterfalls, streams and water gardens
  • Formal waterfalls
  • Boulder and column fountains
  • Floating fountains and display aerators
  • Custom swimming ponds
  • Submersible aerators and bubble aeration
  • Pondless waterfalls and bubblers
  • Water walls and reflecting pools
  • Dry deck and interactive fountains
  • Large pond and lake liners
  • Fire and water features
  • Dancing fountains
  • Wind and solar powered features
  • Rain gardens and rainwater harvesting
  • Dewatering and high volume pumps
  • Irrigation and spray fields
  • Statuary and water wheels
  • Features for pets and wildlife
  • Golf course ponds and features
  • Aquatic exhibits and large aquariums
  • Fountain, pond and lake construction, cleaning and maintenance
  • Aquaculture tanks and raceways
  • Equipment vaults, submersible lighting and feature controls
  • Aquaponics and hydroponic systems
  • Retention and detention ponds
  • Water quality management - ask about our simple 3 step solution
  • Fish and plant stocking
  • Other custom water features and aquascapes construction/restoration



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